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    Wuxi Paike launched the "quality month" swearing activity


    In order to enhance the quality awareness of all staff, strengthen the quality culture construction of the company, give full play to the initiative of various departments in the quality management work, and improve the overall quality level of the company, Wuxi Paike held a quality swearing activity on September 25, 2017, with the participation of Li Yaojun, the management representative, all staff of the quality department and some staff of each workshop.

    First of all, Li Yaojun, the management representative, made a speech. In the speech, Mr. Li affirmed the achievements of our company's quality management work, and called on the employees to maintain a high sense of quality, pay attention to details, strictly control the production process, and continue to provide customers with high-quality forgings, and try to improve Paike’s quality control ability and product quality to a new level through the "quality month" activities.

    Then, the director of quality department led the whole staff to swear that they should abide by the company's rules and regulations, earnestly perform their quality responsibilities, strictly abide by the process discipline, and make every effort for the progress and development of aerospace and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

    Finally, all the employees signed their names on the oath board to ensure that they will take "Once to be qualified" as the goal, strictly fulfill the staff's quality duties.

    through this quality monthly activity, the quality awareness of the company's employees has been improved. It has increased the protagonist awareness of employees at work and allowed employees to be tight at work. The string of quality, proactively think and solve the problem of high quality enterprise product quality, to maintain the enterprise's image.